Senior Executive Producer
Director | Writer

Ingeborg C. Eiland is CEO of I.C.E Dreamed Films where she oversees the company’s businesses, Black Ink Writers Group and I.C.E Dreamed Productions. Eiland is also the Chairman of I.C.E Dreamed Productions, managing the studios overall operations which includes motion pictures, television and digital content production, digital acquisition and distribution and the development of new motion picture, television and digital content.

Under the leadership of Eiland, she has created, directed and written quality content between digital and short films over the past seven years. Prior to I.C.E Dreamed Films, Eiland attended Michigan State University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Eiland also worked for ESPN, Comcast, MSU Sports Broadcasting, Mirage Technologies, and MSU Women’s Basketball Team as the Video Manager providing season highlight films for the team banquets.


Senior Executive Vice President, I.C.E Dreamed Films                                                                                                                 Executive Producer

Corey M. Curties is Senior Executive VP responsible for all of the Company’s financial, and strategic planning activities. His duties also encompass I.C.E Dreamed Films treasury. He reports directly to I.C.E Dreamed Films chairman and CEO, Ingeborg C. Eiland.

Mr. Curties brings significant entertainment industry and management experience to I.C.E Dreamed Films, he has been an actor since the age of six appearing in a dozen commercials and tv shows. Mr. Curties has also managed  franchise stores like Blockbuster and Coffee Bean, turning profits at both respectively. Mr. Curties  holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.



Executive Producer

Teairra Eiland is an executive producer who oversees the operations of  I.C.E. Dreamed Films projects. Thus far Teairra has executive produced Diary of a Champion, Coldest Day In Hell and Treachery. Teairra is also the CEO of Redlight Photography whose work has appeared in  publications such as Austin Fit Magazine and a few others. Teairra is a retired army veteran who holds an associates degree from ITT Technical Institute in Drafting and Design. She also holds a Bachelor’s from the Art Institute of Austin in Photography.


Executive Producer

Claudia Jordan has served as an executive producer and starred in I.C.E. Dreamed Films show, Diary of a Champion, Guy Theory, Treachery and is slated to executive produce its upcoming track & field feature entitled, The Runner. Currently Jordan appears on Dallas-Fort Worth radio station “Smooth R&B 105.7” co-hosting with comedian Rudy Rush on The Morning Rush with Claudia and Rudy. Jordan is also starring in several independent film projects. Her latest efforts includes “The List” (2017) directed by Damon Dash.

comingsoonCORY PATT

Social Media Coordinator

Cory oversees weekly assignments for Social Media Marketing team. He attended Grambling State University and later transferred to Louisiana Tech University where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems.